Trio of Free Range Chicken Roscoff


Renowned chef Eugene O’Callaghan was very good to help us out recently at the Feast of Wexford. Here are the recipes for the dishes he demonstrated at the event – we hope you enjoy making them yourselves – please do let us know how you get on 🙂

Trio of Free Range Chicken Roscoff


1 medium free range chicken
1 onion
½ carrot
½ stick celery
2 red onions
500 ml ruby port
1 tbsp sugar
100 ml wine
1 sprig thyme
1 bay leaf
250g fresh Spinach or Green cabbage shredded
50g Blue Cheese
½ green courgette
½ cup cream
1 egg white
8 button mushrooms
200 ml brown chicken stock
1 cup creamed potato


As the name suggests the chicken is cooked in 3 different ways so we need to butcher it accordingly.
The drumsticks and wings will be braised in the port “Coq au Vin” Style.
The thighs will be boned out, stuffed with a blue cheese & courgette mousse before been baked.
Finally the breasts will be simply pan fried & finished in the oven.

Butchery/Mise en Place
Remove the legs from the chicken and then cut through the joint between the drumstick and thigh.
Pull the skin off the drumstick.
Cut off the wing tips before removing the breast. Cut the wing part away from the breast meat.
Now we have 2 drumsticks and 2 wings that will be cooked coq au vin style (port, onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf & thyme).

The thigh now needs to be boned out so it can be stuffed with the blue cheese and courgette mousse.  The breasts can simply be pan fried and finished in the oven.

At this stage we have:

A – 2 drumsticks and wings.

B – 2 thighs boned out, stuffed with the blue cheese & courgette mousse before been wrapped in tin foil like a Christmas cracker.

C – The breasts taken off the bone .

Cooking/ presentation

The drumsticks and wings need to be lightly coloured in a pan along with the diced carrot, onion and celery. Then add in the bay leaf, fresh thyme and brown chicken stock. Place in a hot oven for twenty five minutes along with the stuffed thighs which have been wrapped in tin foil.

Meanwhile you can make red onion compote by cooking the red onion, wine and ½ of the port in a wide pot in order to help the liquids evaporate quickly. As the mix dries out you can keep adding small amounts of port in order to achieve deep red onion compote.  The two breasts need to be pan fried and then allow to finish cooking in the oven also.

For presentation

Serve the braised drumsticks/ wings on top of some creamy mash potato.

Remove the foil around the stuffed thighs and cut across each stuffed thigh at an angle, serve with the red onion compote.

Slice each breast in half and serve on top of some green cabbage or spinach.

Briefly toss the button mushrooms and bacon on a pan and serve with the strained sauce from cooking the drumsticks.


As seen on Neven Maguire’s TV Programme last Wednesday.



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